Snail imitation


This is a realistic imitation of a freshwater snail.  Snails are prevalent in most fresh water lakes and are an often overlooked food source for fish.

Packaged in boxes of 3 flies.

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Snails attach themselves to substrate in the water but require oxygen to survive. They release themselves from the substrate and float to the surface re-fill with oxygen and drop down again to fix themselves to the substrate. This is when they are vulnerable, providing an abundant food source for fish. The advantage of fishing these fly patterns is the techniques are forgiving. It does not matter if you move the fly or the sink below the surface, that is how they move in real life.

Floating Snail: This fly pattern is designed to be fished as a dry fly in the meniscus, tied to float vertically offering a realistic imitation.

Dropper Snail: This fly lies horizontally on the surface, facilitating a New Zealand rig with a dropper fly, which pulls it down to lie vertically, as it would in real life. The dropper snail also serves as an indicator. Very effective fishing technique on a windy day when snails are being blown across the still water. Using a bloodworm imitation and fishing it static is also very successful. It does not matter if you move the flies, they move in the real world.

What’s in the box: 3 snail flies.

Weight .05 kg
Dimensions 5 × 4 × 3 cm
Floating or dropper

Floating, Dropper


Green, Brown

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